In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and in an effort to minimize transmission, protect staff and patients and preserve our ability to provide quality care, we have devised the following protocols:

  1. We are advising and encouraging new and existing eligible patients of our Telemedicine capabilities. Patients have been and will continue to be advised of the service and scheduled with eligible providers.  All eligible providers have been trained on the telemedicine platform.
  2. For patients who are not eligible for Telemedicine services, or  who have decided to show for an in-person visit, we are taking the following precautions and steps to ensure  the safety of our patients and staff:
      •  If patients arrive at the office ill, or exhibiting respiratory symptoms, providers will determine if they can be seen
      • Customary patient vital signs will not be measured (weight, girth, blood pressure), however, temperature scans (patient forehead) will be conducted
      • No urine samples will be collected
      • No refills provided without appointment
      • Appropriate PPEs, including masks are available for providers and encouraged at ALF facilities
  3. Front Desk Precautions:
      • Minimize direct contact with patient
      • Provide hand sanitizer at front counter for patients
      • Separate writing utensils for patients and staff
      • Waiting areas sprayed with Lysol, chairs wiped with sanitizing wipes regularly
      • COVID-19 Posters in both waiting areas
      • Door handles sanitized
      • Staff Hand washing /sanitizing strictly enforced
      • Surfaces, including equipment (TMS machine), desks, keyboards, mouse should be sanitized
  4. Staff are encouraged to monitor for signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  Staff who are ill will be sent home.  Staff who are ill are required to remain home.
  5. If the need to work remotely arises:
      • Providers will be provided lap tops  and trained to conduct Telemedicine appointments from home
      • Staff will provide  Telemedicine, troubleshooting, if needed
      • Front Desk staff will continue to schedule Telemedicine appointments
  6. We will continue to monitor and take proactive measures to mitigate potential impact of the virus


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